Matchadelic Brain Game

Match pairs of colors with the help of your memory.

Train your brain with a memory game!

Matchadelic is a multi-level memory game where you attempt to match pairs of colors which have been randomly placed and hidden on the game board.

Game Play

At the start of each round you are given 5 seconds to memorize the location of the pairs. At the end of the 5 seconds all the colors are hidden. You click on various colored circles with the goal to match the colors in the fewest clicks. A limited number of “Hints” are provided – each hint will display all the colored circles for an additional 2 seconds.

There are three levels of difficulty to choose from with three board sizes for each:

  • Singles – one-color circles
  • Doubles – two-color circles
  • Advanced – mix of one- and two-color circles

You can play timed or un-timed games and turn the sound on or off.

No ads or in-app purchases. Game is playable on iPad and iPhone.

iPad Screenshots