Can you identify Kenya on a map? Do you know the capital of Egypt and how to spell it? What is the 2-letter abbreviation for Zimbabwe?

SuperFlash Africa App for iPad and iPhone is a colorful flash card app that will help you quickly learn and test your memory about every African country’s location, capital, abbreviation, pronunciation and spelling. Easy to use for all ages.

Study Map

  • Africa Study Map features 54 countries, divided into 8 geographic regions: North, Sehel, Upper West, Lower West, Eastern, Indian Ocean, Central & Southern.
  • A maximum of 9 countries in each Region to make memorization easier.
  • Voice pronunciations for countries and capitals.

Colorful Flash Cards

  • “Tap on a Region” to bring forward a close-up map so you can study individually each country in that region.
  • Colorful cards for each country showing country name & shape, country capital name & location, and country two-letter abbreviation.
  • Study cards show both the conventional & local country names and the abbreviations are based on Internet country code top-level domains.

Three Quiz Sections

  • Countries – how well can you identify every country in Africa.
  • Capitals – how well you can identify all 54 country capitals of Africa.
  • Country Abbreviations – how well you can identify 2-letter abbreviations for each country.

Two Quiz Types

  • Multiple choice – to test your recognition skills
  • Type in answer – to check your memory and spelling

Additional Features

  • Once you submit your answer, you are always shown the correct answer.
  • All quizzes feature progress indicators so you can keep track of how well you’re doing as you go.
  • Questions (and multiple choice options) presented in random order – it’s never the same quiz twice.
  • Subtle sounds with a sound on/off option.
  • Comes complete with no in-app purchases or third-party ads.
  • Excellent tool for the individual student or for an entire class.