Can you identify Saudi Arabia on a map? Do you know the capital of Malaysia and how to spell it? What is the 2-letter abbreviation for South Korea?

SuperFlash Asia App for iPad and iPhone is a colorful flash card app that will help you quickly learn and test your memory about every country’s location, capital, abbreviation and spelling. It’s fun for all ages.

Study Map

  • Asia Study Map with 51 countries, divided into 10 geographic regions (West, Fertile Crescent, Arabian Peninsula, Iranian Plateau, Central, North, South, East, Mainland Southeast, Maritime Southeast).
  • A maximum of 8 countries in each Region to make memorization easier.
  • Voice pronunciations of countries and capitals.

Colorful Flash Cards

  • “Tap on a Region” to bring forward a close-up map so you can study individually each country in that region.
  • Colorful cards for each country showing country name & shape, country capital name & location, and country two-letter abbreviation.
  • Study cards show both the conventional & local country names and the abbreviations are based on Internet country code top-level domains.

Three Quiz Sections

Quizzes are divided into 3 sections:

  • Countries – how well can you identify every country in the Asia map.
  • Capitals – how well you can identify all 51 country capitals.
  • Abbreviations – how well you can identify 2-letter abbreviations for each country.

Two Quiz Types

There are 2 quiz options for each section:

  • Multiple choice – to test your recognition skills
  • Type in answer – to check your memory and spelling

Additional Features

  • Once you submit your answer, you are always shown the correct answer.
  • When quizzes are complete with an option to review the countries that were missed.
  • All quizzes feature progress indicators so you can keep track of how well you’re doing as you go.
  • Questions (and multiple choice options) presented in random order – it’s never the same quiz twice.
  • Comes complete with no in-app purchases or third-party ads.
  • Subtle sounds with a sound on/off option.
  • Excellent tool for the individual student, homeschool or for an entire class.