SuperFlash Elements

Study guide and quizzes for the Periodic Table of Elements.

Can you identify Nitrogen on the Periodic Table? “K” is the symbol for what element and can you spell its name? What is the classification for Plutonium?

Quickly learn every element’s name & spelling, symbol, number, classification and location in the periodic table with SuperFlash Elements.

Study Table

  • 118 elements and 10 classifications
  • Card for each element showing name, symbol, number, atomic weight, classification, occurrence in nature, phase (at room temperature), phonetic pronunciation, name origin and discovery details
  • Voice-assisted name pronunciations


  • Names, Numbers, Symbols, Locations or Classifications
  • Multiple choice or type in the answer (Classifications is MC only)
  • Locations is a puzzle quiz in which you put each element into its correct spot in the Table.
  • Easy, medium or hard levels for Names, Numbers & Symbols
  • By classification groups or all elements for Locations & Classifications

Additional Features

  • No ads or in-app purchases
  • Playable on iPad and iPhone