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Can you identify Saudi Arabia on a map? Do you know the capital of Ethiopia and how to spell it? What is the 2-letter abbreviation for Belgium?

Quickly learn a country’s location, capital, abbreviation and spelling with SuperFlash Europe, SuperFlash Asia or SuperFlash Africa. Coming soon: SuperFlash Americas!

SuperFlash Global Apps

SuperFlash Europe

  • 51 countries
  • 9 geographic regions

Download SuperFlash Europe

SuperFlash Asia

  • 51 countries
  • 10 geographic regions

Download SuperFlash Asia

SuperFlash Africa

  • 54 countries
  • 8 geographic regions

Download SuperFlash Africa

Each app includes:

Study Map

  • Geographic regions
  • Card for each country showing shape, name, capital and 2-letter abbreviation
  • Country and capital name pronunciations


  • Countries (by location), capitals or abbreviations
  • Multiple choice or type in the answer (spelling)
  • Single region, multiple regions or all countries

Additional Features

  • No ads or in-app purchases
  • Playable on iPad and iPhone

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