SuperFlash United States

Learn U.S. state locations, capitals, abbreviations and spellings.

Can you identify Kansas on a map? Do you know the capital of Vermont and how to spell it? What is the postal abbreviation for Alaska? Learn with SuperFlash United States!

SuperFlash United States App for iPad and iPhone is a colorful flash card app that will help you quickly learn and test your memory about every state’s location, capital, abbreviation and spelling. It’s fun for all ages.

Study Map

  • Study Map with all 50 states, divided into 9 geographic regions: New England, Mid-Atlantic, Appalachian Highlands, Southeast, Midwest, Heartland, Mountain, Southwest & Pacific.
  • A maximum of 7 states in each Region to make memorization easier.
  • Voice pronunciations of states and capitals.

Colorful Flash Cards

  • “Tap on a Region” to bring forward a close-up map so you can study individually each state in that region.
  • Colorful cards for each state showing state name & shape, state capital name & location, and state two-letter postal abbreviation.

Three Quiz Sections

  • States – how well can you identify every state in the U.S. map.
  • Capitals – how well you can identify all 50 state capitals.
  • Abbreviations – how well you can identify postal abbreviations for each state.

Two Quiz Types

  • Multiple choice – to test your recognition skills
  • Type in answer – to check your memory and spelling

Additional Features

  • Choose the regions you want to use in a quiz.
  • Quizzes feature a progress bar so you can keep track of how well you’re doing as you play.
  • Once you submit your answer, you are always shown the correct answer.
  • Questions presented in random order – it’s never the same quiz twice.
  • Opportunity to review missed states at the end of each quiz.
  • No in-app purchases or ads.
  • Excellent tool for the individual student or for an entire class.